I was born in Italy on 5th September 1958 and I live in San Giovanni in Croce in the province of Cremona. After the end of the compulsory schools I got the Scientific School-Leaving Certificate in 1977. Then, I entered the Faculty of Engineering at the ”Politecnico” University in Milan where I graduated in Electronics in 1985.
I worked in the communication sector, at the company Telettra in Vimercate (MI), and in the sector of the industrial automation based on the microcontroller. I’m an expert in the programming of the RCA 1802, Motorola 6809, Rockwell 6502 micropocessors and Motorola 68HC11 microcontrollers.
I taught General Electronic at IPSIA "Moretto" in Brescia and at IPSIA "APC" in Cremona.
In 1990 I obtained the special amateur radio licence at the Ministry of Post and Telecommunication and in 1991 the authorization to use the call sign IW2FND.
Since 1991 I have been working as an engineer at the "C. Poma" Hospital in Mantova where I direct the Clinical Engineering service of the hospital.
I was an assistant professor at the faculty of Nursing Science at the University of Brescia where I taught General Computer Science and Medical Statistics from 1994 to 2004.
I was a scientific and technical collaborator at the C.N.R. MASPEC of Parma from 1995 to 1997 for the tuning the SW control system for LASER ablation .
I’ve been a member of the Engineering Association of the Province of Cremona since 1987 sectors a, b, c.
I‘ve been in the file of engineers qualified for the fire prevention certification release (Law 818/94 paragraph 7) in the province of Cremona since 1990.
I’ve been in the file of Inspectors (Law 1086/71) for the province of Cremona.
I’ve been in the file of the engineers who inspect the electric installations (Law 46/90) for the Chamber of Commerce of Cremona, sez.: a), b ), c ), d ), and g).
I’ve been married with Maria Luisa since 1993. I’ve got two beatiful daughters: Gaia, born in 1996 and Ilaria, born in 2004.
S. Giovanni in Croce, 11/02/2014
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