Legal notes

Legal Notes

The time and the experience advised me to insert some clauses about the published material:

  • The documents I have published  contain some restrictions to their use: the distribution is, subject to the rights of a third party, free and no charge will be due if the conditions mentioned  in my documents are respected; if you comply with these clauses, you are allowed to publish my file by press or by web but I would be grateful if you could send me a e-mail  to: , in order to inform me.
  • All the published material is designed and presented  with the maximum care but it is supplied without any implicit or explicit guarantee and it is only for didactical use. Those who  use my documents are responsible for all the risks and the  possible dangers which could occur both for the construction and for the use. The circuits published aren’t CE certified, therefore they cannot be commercialized in the European Community.
  • The declarations demanded by Italian Law about the “freedom” of press are contained in the Law 62/2001.
  • All the names of products and companies are property of the legitimate owners.
  • Part of the SW used for the production of the material (such as: OpenOffice, Holophase Circad, Borland C, Acrobat Reader, WinZip, VirusScan) is, in line with the ends of the web site, supplied with an “educational” licence: so you are requested to follow the single producers’ indications.
  • The content of the documents and of the link  mentioned by me is exclusively the  work of the respective authors . The fact that I have cited them does not imply  I share all their content or I have examined them carefully.


  • The documents published are in pdf format : they must be read by Ghost View or Adobe Acrobat Reader (the two products are free and they can be found on the net or on CDs enclosed in some reviews. The compressed files are stored in zip format by means of the SW WinRAR ( you can download, free of charge, the trial version of Winzip or WinRAR from several web sites).
  • The images are in  GIF , TIF or JPG format (note : according to the copyright about  the format, the use of the first one is free only for no commercial uses.)
  • The designs are carried out with SW AutoCADlt 2000 by Autodesk company, of which I have a use licence.
  • About the PCB, I advise you to verify carefully the effective dimensions and to turn the sheet correctly: if there is a writing,  there’s no problem to print on the correct side, otherwise it is necessary to know that what will be printed is what you can see from the component side, that’s to say symmetrical as regards as what you  will see at the completed job; if you use the photogravure, the printed side must be put “under”, that to say a direct contact with copper.
  • Of some components, I show the original documentation published by the producers, otherwise I indicate the sources.


  • The software is, generally, distributed both as source code than  as executable one.
  • The software written in assembler for Motorola and Microchip have been developed with the SW  distributed by the respective manufacturers (available free of charge on the respective sites). For the development in PIC Basic, the SW MikroBasic distributed in the version trial by the MikroEletktronica company has been used.  To carry out the simulation HW of Motorola 68HC11 I have used the emulator EVM11, bought at the Motorola Italian dealer.
  • The bugs obviously never end. If you indicate me, you’ll do me and the other users a favour…
  • All the software in binary format, for Windows and DOS has been controlled by NORMANN antivirus before the publication but I refuse all the responsibilities for a possible presence of virus.

Special effects

The special effects used in this site do not have the aim to attract the attention of the navigator, but only to make the reading more pleasant.

Italian Law 62/2001

This site is published thanks to the guarantees contained in paragraf 21 of the Italian Constitution: “Everybody has the right to express freely his own thoughts through speech, writing and every other means of diffusion. The press cannot be subject to authorizations or censorships”.

I publish the articles in this site when I can, so they can’t be considered periodical publications. The content of the articles is the expression of opinions and ideas, therefore “company product”. That’s why the content of this site is compared to business information, both for internal use and for the public. So paragraph 2° of law 62/2001 excludes the obligations of law 47/1948. The author of the publications is not therefore subject to any registration at the civil court or at the journalist register.

In conformity with the Italian Law n. 62/2001, in order to avoid restrictive interpretations of the regulations in force against the clandestine press (law 47/1948), I publish the following information:

  • The place of publication is San Giovanni in Croce (CR) ITALY;
  • The date of the first publication is 2006;
  • The name of the publisher or  the editor is Attolini Lucio;
  • The printer is: (Insert your name here if you have decided to print a page of the site);
  • The date of press is: (Insert your name here if you have decided to print a page of the site).

Before distributing or printing the content of the site, please see personally the formalities to follow for the affixing of the “stamp SIAE”.