Frequenzimetro RACAL 9918

UHF FREQUENCY COUNTER RACAL 9918                        SALE PRICE €150,00
Opt. 04B, Opt. 02, Opt. 09
Display with 8 digit, 2 inputs, frequency range up 560MHz.
Input A: 10Hz – 100MHz, sensitivity 10mV @70MHz and 50mV @100MHz, impedance 1MOhm
Input B: 40MHz – 560MHz, sensitivity 10mV to 5V rms with ACG, impedance 50Ohm.
Resolution: 100Hz, 10Hz, 1,0Hz and 0,1Hz
Gate time: 0.01s, 0.1s, 1.0s and 10s
Option 04B frequency standard: ovened oscillator +/-5 parts in 10E10/day.
Option 02 Remote BCD assembly.
Option 09 LF multiplier: increase mesurement resolution (x100) at low frequencies on ‘A’ input.
The frequency counter is in perfect conditions, it works up 800MHz (see photo).It is provided with user manual and without any cord.
Contact me for shipping costs. Dimensions 399wx298dx110h mm, weight 3.75kg.